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We pride ourselves in having been able to deliver unique LED lighting system solutions to our customers over the last 10+ years. Enabling them to release innovative, high performance products into their market sectors, whether this be purely a design deliverable, or a fully assembled and tested product we have supported numerous designs over this time.

All of our products are customer branded meaning that you may not have heard of us, but you may well have seen our products in use.

Contact us to discuss your requirement as we can almost certainly help!

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Case Study Customer A

Customer A has an existing product that has a tight specification for colour temperature and coverage at a minimum lux level when installed. However this unit is heavy – weighing around 3.5kg, and as such is expensive to ship to their customer and requires heavy duty installation hardware.

Using our Computational Fluid Dynamic modelling software, and mechanical design expertise we were able to show that by the use of innovative materials and cooling technologies we could reduce the overall light unit weight to 267g whilst maintaining similar maximum Lumen output levels.

At the same time we designed and modelled a fully custom optic and proposed the use of CREE LED components in this project, this resulted in an enhanced linearity of lux levels across the targeted illuminated area.

Case Study A Design

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