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Custom LED Lighting Design

There are literally thousands of LED lighting products available “off the shelf” but we specialise in designing and manufacturing fully custom lighting systems that go way beyond simple illumination. Our expertise lies in being able to design a lighting unit that meets your specific criteria, whether this be small form factor, high lumen output, harsh or demanding environmental requirements, specific spectral output or a specific mode of operation or control.

We have partnered with our customers to advise on alternative approaches to reach their goals, and have also developed our own range of fully customised LED components to meet very specific customer specifications where an “off the shelf” component or set of components isn’t available.

We have also designed custom optics where necessary, using the latest ray tracing techniques, when simple standard components are unable to meet the requirement.

Our expertise covers circuit design for both lighting and associated control systems, mechanical design, including FMEA analysis; aesthetic and thermal modelling using advanced Computational Fluid Dynamic software (CFD), IES output modelling to validate output performance against requirement, prototype builds and volume manufacture, from low volumes (even down to single pieces) to many thousands per month.

Quad Die Custom LEDs

Current Industries Served:

  • Commercial Aquaria lighting and control systems (Retail and Commercial)
  • Agricultural lighting lighting and control systems (Livestock and Arable)
  • Aquacultural lighting (Onshore fish farming)
  • Bicycle Lighting (High performance bike and ebike)
  • Military (Fully bespoke lighting and control)

Nearly all of our products are branded with our customer logo offering additional marketing collateral.

Aquaria Lighting

One of our key areas of expertise is the design and manufacture of commercial aquaria lighting equipment. Where over the last 10 years we have development many different lighting products to meet retail display tank requirements whether this be for new or retro fit installations, and those of larger public aquaria.

For retail customers this involves designing specific lighting units that meet the requirement to ensure optimal fish health, and display the livestock in the most enticing way to the public, with spectrums optimised for marine, freshwater, coral growth etc.. This also involves designing automated or programmable control systems to ensure no detrimental effects such as fish shock occur during the daily retail opening periods, this can extend to fully software programmable multi unit control systems that monitor and log water temperatures and levels etc and report this back to a centralised monitoring station, raising alarms to enable shop employees to pro actively manage the entire display system.

For public aquaria installations, we have designed extremely high performance lighting units, that again can be controlled via bespoke or industry interfaces such as DALI, to replace much larger and energy inefficient systems like halide or HPS, with the added advantage of being able to achieve specific spectral outputs and increased service life.

Aquarium Lighting

Agri & Aquaculture Lighting Systems

Accurate spectral output and illumination levels are critical to the development and well being of nearly all aquatic and land based livestock production. We have partnered with industry leading companies in these sectors to develop bespoke lighting systems that have been independently verified to increase yields, reduce animal stress, and decrease sudden mortality. These advantages to animal welfare come on top of potentially very fast return on investment when energy consumption costs are taken into account, ROI is measured in months rather than years.

Aquaculture Lighting System

The custom designed lighting and control systems are installed in various sectors:

Onshore Fish Farming - Fry to Adolescent Lighting

In this stage of the fish development it is critical to ensure that accurate and extremely low level of lighting output as well as photo periods can be maintained.

Onshore Fish Farming - Development to Harvest

At this stage of fish development light levels are required to be even across the tanks, as well as at the correct spectral output we have developed lighting and control systems specific to customers tank sizes and location.

Chicken Farming - Broilers and Brooders

Ensuring that the correct spectrum of light is available to chickens during all stages of their development is crucial in ensuring maximum yields are achieved as well as reducing stress levels and cannibalism rates. On top of this ensuring that the environmental factors such as high ammonia content in the sheds does not impact the integrity of the light is also important.

Pig Farming

Validated studies have shown that the custom spectrum lighting we designed and delivered to our customers improved finishing yields in a controlled case study of 6 full batches of pigs (2400 pigs) by 0.09FCR.

All of our lighting systems are designed in partnership with our customers, and can be branded as OEM product if required.

LED Control System Design

Understanding our customers specific requirements for controlling their LED lighting is core to our business. Whether this be a fully automated “hands off” photoperiod management system for retail aquaria, or a control system that can report exact location and PAR values being delivered to specific locations on sports grass pitches.

Whatever your requirement is for controlling the light design and interfaces we can partner with you to generate the specification, design, test, and build the system for you.

We can brand the final system with your own logo to offer additional marketing collateral.

LED Control System

Full Turn Key Manufacturing

After the lighting or control system has been designed, it needs to be made, accurately, efficiently and competitively.

We have partnered with industry leading UK assembly companies that have specific areas of expertise in assembling our products, which can be in sub assembly form (for final assembly at your premises), full assembly and test, or a complete OEM service including the design of branded packaging.

For high volume manufacture our joint venture China factory enables us to ramp production to very high levels if required, so we have the capability to partner with you from very early stage or low volume production here in the UK, to an almost limitless quantity at highly competitive cost.

We can even deliver your branded product directly to your customer anywhere in the world if required.

Full Turn Key Manufacturing

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