We partner with some of the worlds leading manufacturers of LED components, including CREE, Osram and Philips to deliver exacting performance from the final product design.

However this is not the full story, as in some cases our customers may have a requirement for a highly specific spectral, CRI, CCT or lumen output that simply isn’t available “off the shelf”.

To fulfil this requirement we have designed and manufactured our own fully custom LED components consisting of 1,2 3 or 4 die in each package, with output powers up to 10W, and a spectral range between 380 and 880nm, and a CCT between 2700 and 12,000 Kelvin. In multi die packages each individual die wavelength or colour temperature can be specified separately, resulting in a truly customised final output, specific to the design need.

Each individual die can also be controlled separately if required, resulting in an almost limitless ability to meet the most stringent of design briefs.

Fully custom LED components can then be coupled through fully customised optics to generate specific beam angles, or coverage requirements.

Custom Quad Die LEDs

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